African Violets

African Violets: Propagation and care

by Sheila Velazquez The houseplant that blooms year-round to add beautiful color inside when the landscape is gray outside is the African Violet. Growing and propagating them is new to me, and I seem to have a knack for it, or maybe just good lighting. Last May a neighbor received a basket full of small…



flash fiction by Jason Velázquez

“We’ve been ‘administratively’ repairing these DNA sequences for almost two decades,” Nichols said. The muscular smile that hung on his broad jaw remained, but his pale eyes were dry of the necessary moral fortitude.

wheat field

Water, Water Everywhere, or Not

by Sheila Velazquez In California, where most of the food eaten in this country is grown, the painful drought is being addressed in a number of ways. One is that waste treatment water is being turned into drinking water. As noted in the “Mother Jones” article “It Takes How Much Water to Grow an Almond?!,” according to 2010 figures,…

Dog and Cat Sleeping Together

Coexistence Does Not Equal Conquest

Species that can coexist are those that can demonstrate “mutual tolerance.” This idea of a shared agreement not to seek injury against, or advantage over, one another is central to pretty much all the standard definitions of coexistence.

What is missing from most of the discussions on the subject, though, is the acknowledgement that the two coexisting entities must willingly forgo the potential benefit that triumph over the other in competition would incur.