What Would Rockwell Paint?: The Four Freedoms revisited

Many American corporations have destroyed the towns and cities that made them great. They take their profits offshore, shifting the burden of the billions of tax dollars they avoid paying onto the tired shoulders of heads of families, like the elderly man in the painting. The CEOs of these corporations have obviously secured their own freedom from want.


Self-sufficiency: The Foxfire books as inspiration

In rural America of the past, people seldom went to stores, except maybe for their coffee and a few other staples. They grew their food, made their clothing, built their homes and lived their entire lives in a small community where things were shared, including good times and hard. Unfortunately, not enough of that history has been collected. Except for one resource that began nearly fifty years ago.


A Crock of Kraut: DIY probiotics

Years ago, on our first farm, we grew cabbages. Since they were not sprayed, they had the bug holes to prove it. I didn’t care, as they weren’t going to the farm market. They were going into crocks and buckets to make sauerkraut. I remember that kraut as being the best in the world, but since we sometimes have that tendency to glorify the past, I wanted to see if I could do it again.

chopping block

Farm Ethics: On Taking a Life

On a small family farm, decisions about life and death aren’t made lightly. The plants and animals under a farmer’s care don’t live in some “facility,” but in a place called “home.” The outcome of these decisions must, therefore, adhere to the same set of principals or ethics that guide every other aspect of the family’s life.